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December 7, 2017

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How do I manage my food intake during the holidays, especially with all the cakes, cookies and other goodies seemingly everywhere?

Interestingly enough, the answer depends almost entirely on you. Assuming you’re susceptible to sweets and other treats, you really only have three options – go all-out and worry about the ramifications later; avoid them at all costs; or take a reasoned approach and indulge to a modest degree. I think most people would argue that the third idea is the best one. After all, why not treat yourself to a few holiday goodies, especially if you can limit yourself to one or two here and there. And don’t forget to continue with your workouts during this time as well. Restricting foods that you truly enjoy will only increase your cravings for them, and make for an unhappy holiday season. Bottom line – it comes down to choice, and you can choose to make healthy decisions or not, but you have to be realistic. Keep variety, moderation and balance in mind, and reward yourself for being active all year long!

My brother and sister-in-law adopted a healthy lifestyle this past year. What are some good gift ideas?

The possibilities here are endless! It really depends on the activities they are doing and what interests them. You could pay for a few months of their gym membership, some sessions with a personal trainer or entrance fees to races or runs. Wireless earbuds, earmuffs with headphones and new workout gear could be great choices as well. If they travel often, look for gear they can pack to workout, like a collapsible foam roller, suspension trainer, or ropeless jump rope. For those focusing on nutrition, a water bottle that tracks intake, new cook books, a food scale or new shaker bottles/mixers are useful items. You could also get a monthly subscription box based on their likes: Crossfit, running, yoga, lifting, weight loss, et cetera. Regardless of your choice, it is awesome that you are looking for gifts to support their new healthy lifestyle!

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