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Testosterone -- Not Only Is It Safe, It's Healthy

June 7, 2017

When I started helping men boost their testosterone over 15 years ago, there was always a presumption that I was putting men at risk.

Back then, you couldn’t find a physician who didn’t think, “Well, yeah, testosterone… you could use it but everyone knows it’s dangerous and causes heart attacks.”

Everyone presumed that men have higher rates of heart disease and heart attack than women do, and they have higher testosterone, so it must be from that.

We later found out that neither presumption was true. In the first place, men didn’t have higher rates of heart disease, they were just heavier smokers. That made men appear like they had more heart disease. In fact when women started to smoke more and we did studies on that, we found that women have more heart disease than men.

Secondly, we found there is not a positive association between testosterone and heart disease but an inverse one.

  • You have a 43% greater chance of dying from any cause if you have low testosterone.1
  • Another study looked at low testosterone and heart risk. It followed almost 4,000 people for over five years. Those who had the least testosteronewere 71% more likely to die from heart disease than those who had the most.2
  • Higher levels of testosterone can also help you survive one of the most common heart problems: congestive heart failure. A study that followed more than 2,000 men for over seven years found that men with CHF were significantly more likely to die if they had low levels of testosterone.3

It shows how medicine is capable of making these erroneous decisions in a kind of a “group think.”

Dr. John Morgenthaler is a Harvard Urologist and he certainly has changed thinking about testosterone replacement over the past several years.  He actually published results of a study where he put men who had prostate cancer ON testosterone and he was able to prove the risk of metastasis (cancer spread) was LESS.

So youthful and optimal levels of testosterone is safe when monitored appropriately for men with symptoms of testosterone deficiency.  I like to tell men, “you want your testosterone levels in the higher range of normal and doing so will lessen your risk of obesity, lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer and you’ll look and feel better and sex will be better.”

Who doesn’t want that?

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Don Fisher D.O.

Medical Director/ Physician

The BEST Program, Inc. 


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